Good Influence Films is an impact marketing and distribution company dedicated to widening opportunities through collaborations with avid changemakers and storytellers; creating social returns and sparking public dialogue.

Good Influence Films was founded by Canadian Impact Producer, JoAnne Fishburn, as a way to connect passionate people with powerful films and create exciting cinema experiences across the country.

Good Influence Films is an impact marketing and distribution consultancy company dedicated to collaborating with storytellers and changemakers to spark dialogue, inspire audiences and create social change.


Good Influence Films works with filmmakers, changemakers and strategic partners to maximize screening opportunities. We do not take rights, but we help you understand what rights you need to retain and how to build and implement a strategy for your film, including theatrical and digital releases, educational sales and grass-roots screening events. We help to build partnerships which will help increase the reach of your film and serve the underlying cause or causes it aligns with.


Are you a changemaker or filmmaker and want to amplify your impact and reach?

Good Influence will help you set and achieve goals with a campaign strategy uniquely designed for your company or project. By developing your messaging and designing media tools for your organisation we can help you achieve your short term and long term objectives.


Good Influence helps filmmakers and changemakers raise funds to help Good Influence Films go further.

Having enough funds for supporting impact marketing and distribution activities is essential for helping powerful films achieve their potential as agents of influence. If you are interested in learning more about how to raise funds for creating impact with your project please be in touch.


Good Influence Films provides impact distribution and impact marketing and PR services for films and media projects.



Founder, CEO

JoAnne Fishburn

JoAnne was involved in the early development of ‘Earth: A New Wild’ a 5 part series co-produced by Passion Planet, PBS, and National Geographic. In Canada, she worked on Cyber-Seniors, ‘Connecting Generations’ campaign and on Su Rynard’s The Messenger. She designed and led Reelworld’s Impact Film Lab 2015, and consults independent film creatives. As a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, she launched Indigenous 150+, a film and conversation series dedicated to putting Indigenous voices centre stage.


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Good Influence Films is based in Toronto, Canada and provides impact distribution and impact marketing and PR services across Canada.

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