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A Bird’s Eye View Across 2022

Zorga Qaunaq: Cultivating Inuit Identity

Kathleen Doxtator (Yakotshanuni): Honouring Her Gifts

Amanda Elizabeth: Youth Helping Youth

Hanna Sewell: Health Care Meets Self Care

Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau: Irradicating Stereotypes and Saving Lives

Danasco Chakasum: Activating Narratives

Mathieu Germain Goodman: Making Ancestors Proud

Kassidy Bernard: Love, Art and Community Homelands

Nika Paziuk: Curse-breaker and Métis theatre kid turns Podcaster

Tia Kennedy: Pursuing Dreams with Gratitude

A Matriarch in Medicine: The Journey of Healthcare Specialist Elaine Johnston

The Art of Sovereignty: The Heart of Indigenous Art

Oneida Realities: A Holistic Approach for a Vibrant Future

The Dynamic Life of Alice Qannik Glenn: From NASA to Podcasting

The Iskweu Project: Raising Awareness for Change

Teigan Gayse: A Country Career Through Authenticity

Mikwendaagwad (It is remembered, it comes to mind): Culture-Based Counselling

Marley Max: Indigenizing Beauty Spaces

Terry Uyarak: A Million Beautiful Songs

Connie Walker: Sharing Stories from the Indigenous side of History

Power of a Fiddle: Healing through Music

Power of Creation: Reclaiming Narrative Soverignty through film and sound

Maisyn and Camryn Sock: L’nu twinsters spill the tea and set new dreams

Back to the Culture: A Right of Passage

Rising, Thriving and Vibing: Building Community with Healing and Humour

Creating Magic & Meaning: Dance, Movement and Tattooing with Simik Komaksiutiksak

Nakuset & The Montréal Native Women’s Shelter: Restoring lives with Care

Auntie Up!: Defining a True Indigenous Lens and Why it Matters

Migwitétmeg (“we remember”)

Walking the Red Road


Decolonizing Through Parenting: Choosing Sobriety as the First Act of Decolonizing

Exposing the Garden Path: Controversy

Gigashki’ewizimin (We can do things because of our power)

Wasps, Privilege and All Living Things

Creating and Sustaining: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kayla Stephens

Wasps, Privilege and All Living Things

Creating and Sustaining: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kayla Stephens

Allyship, Inclusivity and Fan-Girling

Exploring the land through stories: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kirsten Mathison

Understanding Humans as Cultural Beings: Indigenous 150+ podcaster, Michelle Gowan

Supporting Future Leaders – Youth Supporting Youth: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Nicole Tornquist

Story as Discovery: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Shelby Lisk

Season 1 Finale: Building Bridges, Sharing Stories

Always Keep Dreaming: Carving an Artist’s Career

Life Inspiring Art: Sources of Creation: Filmmaker spotlight on Shane Belcourt

Love Powered Activism: A Digital Talking Circle with Heperi Mita

Feeding Your Spirit: Nurturing the Artist Within

Walking the Red Road: Journey to a Better Mev

Sharing Youth Wisdom: Building Communities, Building Futures

Hope, Culture, & Strength: Creating Hopeful Futures

We Are Not Extinct: Hunting, Patience and Perseverance

Nibi Biimaadiiziiwin (Water Is Life): Caring for Creation

Building Pride Together: Engaging Youth In Métis Culture

Protecting Family, Home & Land: Preserving Inuit Values

Healthy People, Beautiful Life: Uniting to Preserve – Part 2

Healthy People, Beautiful Life: Fighting for the Right to Cure – Part 1

Education-ally Speaking: Social Justice and Schools

Feeding Dreams, Building Pride: Asia Youngman’s journey to filmmaking

Pasqua First Nation: Leading for the Future – Part 2

Putting the Care Back In Canadian Health Care

Pasqua First Nation: Leading for the Future – Part 1

From Mi’kmaq Hippy to Indigenous chart star: Stories From the Pow-wow Trail

Quiet Long Enough: The Rise of Political Unrest

Three Generations of Change: Igloolik on the Rise

Dark Night, Enlightening Experience: A Sasquatch Story

Extinction and Reconnection: A Sinixt Reflection

Petroglyphs of the Past, Canada Continued: Glenn Trivett – Part 2

Reconnecting through Research: Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Awaken The Spirit: Ripples of Change

Reverberations of Resistance: The Thunderwater Sovereignty Movement

Kiinoo Mudwin: Community Justice, Reconciliation and The Origin of Turtle Island

Canoes and Community: Carving Out Space for Connection

Feminism in Film: Our Stories Onscreen

Stories as Catalysts for Change: The Bravery of Artistry

One With the Land: Sinixt Perspective and Identity – Part 2

Mediating The Spaces Between Us: Racism, Entrepreneurship and Parenting

The Long Road to Representation: Culture Shifts in Film – Part 2

Small Town, Big Dreams: Making Movies and We Matter

Influencing Through Arts and Action: The Power of Authenticity

Laughing Through Taboo: The art of comedy in film

The Noise of The Heartbeat: Mi’kmaq Songs and Culture Revitalized

Rising From the Ashes through Wâhkôhtowin: A Story of Hope

Using Humour For Healing: Writing Words of Wisdom

Ghost Town Stories: Wolf Lake First Nation

Forever On FIlm: Movies Preserving Inuit Language and Culture

One With the Land: Sinixt Perspective and Identity – Part 1

The Long Road to Representation: Culture Shifts in Film – Part 1

      Join us in building bridges and sharing stories!

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