Save My Lake

Save My Lake is a one-hour television documentary that set off alarm bells by revealing the science behind the ecological time bomb of algae that is infesting Lake Winnipeg, the world’s 10th largest freshwater lake that sits at the heart of North America. Narrated by David Suzuki, it premiered on CBC’s The Nature of Things.

When the film aired, it sent a shock-wave of concern through the province of Manitoba. It raised wide-spread public awareness and shone a light on the deep-seated fear that was lurking in the back of many people’s minds about the deteriorating health of the lake and it’s surrounding ecology. With the desire to understand how media can affect social change, in 2014, Breakout Educational Network commissioned the very first impact report in Canada to understand how Save My Lake influenced and created an impact on consumer behaviour, policy change, and organizations already working to help save Lake Winnipeg.

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