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Announcing Indigenous 150+ Season 3

Season 3 – Celebrating new voices from coast, to coast to coast with stories from the graduates of the 2022 Introduction to Podcast Training program

Available from August 2nd, 2022

Season 3: Indigenous 150+ [Trailer]
Indigenous 150+ celebrates a new season with 30+ episodes celebrating Indigenous knowledge keepers, podcasters, community leaders and change makers. All of the stories are produced and hosted by the graduates of the 2022 Introduction to Podcast Training program.Join us for a diverse range of stories that celebrate First Nations, Métis and Inuit voices across the country. Don’t miss the first episode which turns the mic on the indomitable hosts of the Auntie Up! Podcast, Jolene Banning and Kim Wheeler. The 2022 training programs were developed and delivered in partnership with the Inspirit Foundation, RBC Emerging Artists Project and the Mastercard Foundation.
July 29, 2022

Connie Walker: Sharing Stories from the Indigenous side of History

MMIWGT2S activist Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau sits down for an in-depth conversation with award-winning journalist and podcaster Connie Walker (Finding Cleo, Stolen) to discuss her growth and career as a storyteller, examine how her podcasts like Finding Cleo and Stolen have allowed for a form of storytelling that has the ability to help tackle racism, as well as advice to young storytellers.

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Follow Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau: https://www.tiktok.com/@arcticfrostbyte

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Sept 27, 2022

Power of a Fiddle: Healing through Music

Métis fiddler Brianna Lizotte and podcast host and childhood friend Nika Paziuk reminience about growing up, discovering their culture and being proud Métis. They discuss the power of the fiddle, and how it connects and binds the Métis community.

To follow and learn more about Brianna Lizotte: https://www.briannalizotte.ca

To follow Nika Paziuk and her upcoming podcast Modern Métis: https://www.facebook.com/modernmetis/

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Sept 20, 2022

Power of Creation: Reclaiming Narrative Soverignty through film and sound

Host Mathieu Katekiashka Germain Goodman speaks with Guillaume Collin and Jack Belhumeur about how creativity, passion and divine timing played a role in jump-starting their careers as filmmakers. They also discuss the inspiring work they do with Wapikoni Mobile, a project that supports Indigenous youth to share their voices and stories through film, music and sound.

The music for this episode was created in collaboration with Andréa Ndikumasabo. Follow Andréa’s Instagram: @dreaaao_o

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Sept 13, 2022

Maisyn and Camryn Sock: L’nu twinsters spill the tea and set new dreams

Host Kassidy Bernard speaks with burnt toast & pitewey, podcasters Mais and Cam, L’nu twinsters from Eskasoni First Nation, the largest Mi’kmaq community. They spill the pitewey on how a rapper helped get them started, how their lived experiences as L’nu’k influence their podcast, and their future dreams.

To follow Burnt Toast & Piteway: @burnttoastandpitewey

To follow Kassidy Bernard (Twitter, Insgragram and Tiktok): @kassidyraine

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Sept 6, 2022

Back to the Culture: A Right of Passage

Marie Bowering, a mixed-Mohawk woman and dedicated youth worker from the Niagara region, discusses the benefits and drawbacks that come with reclaiming identity through Indigenous Based Education. Her story and journey of well-briety takes place over 25 years; from chosing sobriety and connecting with the Niagara Regional Friendship Centre, to accessing Indigenous education and becoming a mentor to many of the Indigenous youth in her community. Hosted by Amanda-Elizabeth.

Follow Amanda-Elizabeth’s upcoming podcast “The Urban Indigenous” join: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1201800430359365

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Aug 30, 2022

Rising, Thriving and Vibing: Building Community with Healing and Humour

In this episode hosted by Kathleen Doxtator, we meet the cycle-breaker and host of Rising Thriving and Vibing Podcast, Kesha Tipewan. Kesha joins us from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where the conversation holds space for sharing the highs and lows of her healing journey, language learning, and making the life-changing choices to live an anti-toxic and alcohol-free lifestyle.

To follow Yakotshanuni (Kathleen Doxtator) on Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube: @Yakotshanuni

To follow Yakotashanui’s new podcast DIVINE REZOLUTIONS https://bit.ly/3PHHMAk

To follow Rising Vibing and Thriving on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook: @rising.thriving.vibing

To follow Kesha for daily content on IG, Tiktok and Youtube: @keshaheals

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Aug 23, 2022

Creating Magic & Meaning: Dance, Movement and Tattooing with Simik Komaksiutiksak

Host Zorga Quanaq speaks with Simik Komaksiutiksak, a two-spirit Inuk dancer and movement artist from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, raised in Ottawa. They explore Inuit culture, self-expression and harm reduction through art, movement and dance.

To follow Simik on Instagram: @komak_komak

To follow Zorga’s upcoming podcast on Instagram: @inuverypodcast

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Aug 17, 2022

Nakuset & The Montréal Native Women’s Shelter: Restoring lives with Care

MMIWG2ST+ activist Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau and Nakuset, from Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal discuss the harms of youth protection, homelessness and other harsh realities facing Indigenous peoples. The conversation turns to the dreams and simple solutions that are being actualized, what government should prioritize, and an invitation to work together for what is possible.

To learn more about MIYOSKAMIN – the NWSM Second Stage Housing Project: www.nwsm.info/miyoskamin

To like and follow the Iskweu project: www.facebook.com/Iskweu or www.instagram.com/iskweu/

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Aug 9, 2022

Auntie Up!: Defining a True Indigenous Lens and Why it Matters
Host Nika Paziuk turns the mic on Jolene Banning and Kim Wheeler, co-hosts and producers who share their orgin story of Auntie Up!. They discuss the importance of a true Indigenous lens, and their committment to creating new narratives by showcasing women knowledge keepers across Turtle Island. Jolene and Kim show us how to Auntie Up! and how Aunties are the grassroots of our community.

For all things Auntie Up!: https://makwacreative.ca/auntie-up

To follow Nika Paziuk and her upcoming podcast Modern Métis: https://www.facebook.com/modernmetis/

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Aug 2, 2022

Announcing Indigenous 150+ Season 2

Season 2 celebrates the voices of new and emerging storytellers from across Turtle Island.

Season 2: Indigenous 150+ Celebrates New Voices in Podcasting [Trailer]
In celebration of Indigenous History Month, Indigenous 150+ celebrates a new season of episodes featuring a collection of pilots proposed by recent graduates of the Indigenous 150+ Advanced Digital Storytelling Program. Join us for a diverse range of critical and fun topics from decolonizing motherhood to a narrative that explores travelling back in time to change history in favour of the matriarchy.
June 9, 2022

Migwitétmeg (“we remember”) – Episode 1
Migwitétmeg (which means “we remember”) is a new podcast celebrating oral histories of the Wabanaki territory. Host Julianna Peter-Paul, from Metapenigiag Mi’kmaq Nation, takes listeners into the homes of knowledge keepers, women, men, elders and youth who share their perspectives of their identity and culture.

Episode 1 – “Connecting our Spirit and Body”

Host Julianna Peter-Paul speaks with outreach worker River Ward, from Natoaganeg First Nation who shares his story of returning home and his perspectives on community, ceremony, and food security.

Julianna Peter-Paul is a podcaster from Metepenagiag Mikmaq Nation, who has a passion for storytelling, indigenous ways of being, and oral history. Her creative inspiration stems from the land and water along with stories that have been passed down to her. Julianna is dedicated to preserving and passing down her culture.

Episode 2: “Sacred Medicines & Ceremony”

Elder Jean Bartibogue, a Mi’kmaq Elder from the community of Esgenoôpetitj shares her journey from a young girl to Clan Mother of the Jagej (Lobster) Clan. Beginning with the traumatic days at Indian Day school, Jean traces with host Julianna Peter-Paul, her return to her culture, the importance of the four sacred medicines, ceremony and her present day passion to pass on her teachings to the youth of her community.

For more episodes of Migwitétmeg (“we remember”) follow host Julianna Peter-Paul on instagram @julppaul.

Migwitétmeg was developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling Program created by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and the Inspirit Foundation.

July 1, 2022

Walking the Red Road
Walking the Red Road is a podcast that explores the world of wellness and healing modalities with leaders and warriors drawing on both lived experience and academic perspectives.

Episode 1 – “Safety & Security”

Trauma therapist Kenndey Lewis speaks to host Michelle Jarvis about the fundamental need for cultivating a sense of safety and security for individuals who have experienced trauma, sharing some of the techniques she uses along the way.

Episode 2 – “Breaking Point (Part 1): Surviving”

In this episode Sámi speaker, Jim Mandelin, and author of “Life Worth Dying For” shares the hardships of bullying, violence, systemic racism and the breaking point which led him on a path of drugs, whiskey, gangs and his ultimate death at the age of 22. This episode may be difficult listening for some and we invite you to please take care while listening. If you need support don’t hesitate to contact the First Nations and Inuit Hotline at 1-855-242-3310.

Episode 2 – “Breaking Point (Part 2): Recovering”

In this episode of “Walking the Red Road” the conversation between Jim and Michelle about the impacts of trauma in their lives continues, with a shift and focus towards their recoveries. They discuss some of the things that worked, like community and discovering self-worth as well as the importance of cultivating empathy, understanding, and connecting to culture.

Walking The Red Road is hosted and produced by Michelle Jarvis. Michelle is Anishnaabekwe with Polish and Bulgarian heritage. Having experienced the impacts of intergenerational trauma from a young age, Michelle experienced many upheavals including living on the streets of Toronto from the age of 12 to 16. She is now clean and living a lifelong journey of healing and self-discovery. She has spent the last two years in the non-profit sector working to help those walking in the shoes she once occupied.

Walking The Red Road was developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling program developed by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and Inspirit Foundation. The music in this episode is Strong Woman Song by Lisa Muswagon and Raven Hart-Bellecourt.

You can catch “Breaking Point (Part 2): Thriving” by subscribing to the Indigenous 150+ podcast. You can follow Michelle on Instagram @miishiikwe.

June 27, 2022

Herstory is a satirical comedy about two millennial women who are tired of living in the patriarchy, so they travel back in time to rewrite history in the favour of women.

Episode 1 – “It’s A Man’s World”

After Sammy fails to learn the art of female masturbation, and her roommate Jordan loses her promotion at work, they head out for a night of partying where they are flashed by a male time traveler who drops his vibrator shaped time machine, which sparks their journey into empowering women in the past.

Episode 2 – “Witchy Woman”

After they land in the 1600’s and Sammy is accused of being a witch, Jordan must rescue Sammy from being hanged. To do this she must empower a witch coven, but will she empower them too much?

Herstory was written and produced by Métis writer Samantha Loney with story mentoring by Amber-Sekowan Daniels and Donna McElligott.

Samantha Loney is a Métis writer and filmmaker from Barrie, Ontario and has a passion for comedy writing and creating content that challenges modern audiences’ points of view. Samantha is the winner of the Brian Linehan Award for Outstanding Artistic Promise and is currently writing and producing the web series A Little Zoom, based on her award-winning short film A Little Racist. She has written for multiple online publications as well as unscripted television.

You can follow Samantha on Instagram @samanthabossassbitch, and her podcast at @herstorythepodcastseries. The first two episodes of Herstory were developed in the Advanced Digital Storytelling program developed by Good Influence Films in partnership with RBC Emerging Artists Project and Inspirit Foundation.

June 21, 2022

Decolonizing Through Parenting: Choosing Sobriety as the First Act of Decolonizing
In this pilot episode of Decolonizing Through Parenting, host Corenda-Lee speaks to Sheila Robson, a mother, grandmother, and knowledge keeper, in her 21st year of alcohol abstinence, who reflects on how choosing sobriety led to her journey to decolonize herself and bring healing to her family.

Corenda-Lee is a Cree and Blackfoot woman born and raised in Alberta. She is a mother who is passionate about helping other Indigenous women on their healing journey.

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For the next episode of Decolonizing Through Parenting subscribe to Indigenous 150+ wherever you listen to your podcasts. Follow Corenda-Lee on instagram @corii.lee.

June 19, 2022

Exposing the Garden Path: Controversy
Exposing the Garden Path is a podcast that reports on the dirty secrets of the climate crisis. In this pilot episode, Métis journalist Erin Blondeau digs into the Alberta government’s controversial claim that anyone who opposes the tar sands is a part of a foreign-funded conspiracy. She also shares reflections from her father, Doug Blondeau, and the impacts working 20 years in the oil sands had on him and their family. Controversy, is the pilot for a proposed podcast series called “Exposing the Garden Path” developed in Good Influence Films’ Advanced Digital Storytelling and Podcast Training Program. It was developed by Erin Blondeau with story mentoring by Donna McElligot.
June 14, 2022

Gigashki’ewizimin (We can do things because of our power)
Welcome to the Gigashki’ewizimin podcast pilot which in Ojibwe means “We can do things because of our power”. Gigashki’ewizimin celebrates Anishinaabek identity – specifically language, land and law.

Episode 1 – “Keeping Stories Safe”

In this first episode, Knowledge-Keeper Elaine Fleming, of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe member shares the Anishinaabe creation story and why it is important to Indigenous identity. Colonization disrupted the lives and the sharing of stories in many nations. Host and podcast creator Tamika-Jo Andy learns from Elaine how their stories were traditionally passed down and what is being done to keep them safe.

Episode 2 – “Identity and the Gifts of Ojibwemowin”

In this episode of the Gigashki’ewizimin (“We do things because of our power”), host Tamika-Jo Andy speaks with Nyleta Belgarde, a Turtle Mountain member and language-keeper talk about their language journeys, the gifts and relationship of language to Anishinaabe Identity, and important tips on how to revitalize Ojibwemowin.

Gigashki’ewizimin was created and hosted by Tamika-Jo Andy, of Big Grassy River First Nation now living in Dakota and Ojiway Territory, Bemidji, Minnesota. It was created as part of the Good Influence Advanced Digital Storytelling and Podcast training program supporting emerging creatives and storytellers with story mentoring by Jolene Banning, of Makwa Creative. For the next episode of Gigashki’ewizimin follow @gigashkiewizimin_podcast on instagram and follow host Tamika-Jo @tamikajotho, also on instagram. If you enjoyed what you heard please rate the episode which helps it get recommended to others!

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June 10, 2022

Special Anniversary Series

In celebration of our 1st anniversary and National Indigenous History Month 2021 we have created a series of short episodes celebrating the young changemakers behind the Indigenous 150+ podcast!

Wasps, Privilege and All Living Things
Indigenous 150+ podcaster Kayla Tillapaugh shares how a drowning wasp launched her on her journey as an environmentalist, and the importance of listening and working respectfully with First Nations. Host: Kayla Stephens
Aug 3, 2021

Creating and Sustaining: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kayla Stephens
Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kayla Stephens discusses the need to expand the sustainability mindset and shares her journey to braid sustainability, art making and self-care. Host: Kayla Tillapaugh
July 28, 2021

Allyship, Inclusivity and Fan-Girling
Meet Indigenous 150+ podcaster and #Changemaker, Roha Hena as she fan-girl’s fellow podcaster Nicole Tornquist, of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, as they speak about allyship, stereotypes and storytelling.

Check out Roha’s Season 1 Episodes:
Hope, Culture, & Strength: Creating Hopeful Futures with Chelsea Mulvale
Education-ally Speaking: Social Justice and Schools with John Crouch
Stories as Catalysts for Change: The Bravery of Artistry with Tracey Deer

July 20, 2021

Exploring the land through stories: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Kirsten Mathison
Kirsten speaks with host and fellow Indigenous 150+ podcaster, Shelby Lisk about her personal journey of learning, unlearning and decolonizing her world view as a settler on the territory of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and WSÁNEC’ people, in Metulia (Victoria, BC). Kirsten’s background in anthropology, geography and environmental conservation have informed this journey and brought her to working with the Indigenous communities where she lives. She hopes to help amplify Indigenous voices not just through her podcasting but also through her daily life as a citizen on these lands we call Canada.
July 13, 2021

Understanding Humans as Cultural Beings: Indigenous 150+ podcaster, Michelle Gowan
Meet Michelle Gowan, Master’s Graduate of Medical Anthropology from the University of Saskatchewan and participant of the Indigenous 150+ Youth Ambassador training programme. Michelle was born and raised on Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territory, and speaks to Host Raven Richards about how being a defiant teen unleashed her curiosity to study humans, and what continues to spark her curiosity and inspire her. You can catch Michelle’s episodes which includes “Reconnecting Through Research” an interview with Plains Cree Archaeologist, Honey Constant.

This episode was hosted and produced by Raven Richards, Opaskwayak First Nation.

July 6, 2021

Supporting Future Leaders – Youth Supporting Youth: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Nicole Tornquist
Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Nicole Tornquist speaks about the importance of supporting Indigenous Youth to be the best they can be. Drawing on her own personal experience as a youth, Nicole discusses her role as a National Ambassador of Hope for the WeMatter Campaign and youth organization. Nicole is from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, and is currently serving as their Junior Onekanew (Chief).

This episode was hosted and produced by Roha Hena. Check out Nicole’s Season 1 Episodes, “Small Town, Big Dreams” with Kelvin Redvers and “Awakening the Spirit” with Holly Linski. You can follow Nicole on Instagram @nicole.tornquist18.

June 28, 2021

Story as Discovery: Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Shelby Lisk
Indigenous 150+ Podcaster Shelby Lisk, shares her journey as a multi-disciplinary artist and journalist and reflects on how sharing Indigenous stories helps us re-imagine our relationship to this land and it’s people. Shelby is Kanyenhehá:ka from Kenhtè:ke (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory).

This episode was hosted and produced by Kirsten Mathison. Check out Shelby’s Season 1 Episodes: “Laughing Through Taboos” and “Reverberations of Resistance: The Thunderwater Soverignty Movement”. To learn more about Shelby’s award-winning journalism and her films, follow her on Instagram @ShelbyLiskPhoto.

June 22, 2021
Season 1
Season 1 Finale: Building Bridges, Sharing Stories
Indigenous 150+ podcasters Naomi Robinson and Kayla Tillapaugh join together to reflect on the training programme and the 40+ episodes and stories that were created and released during Season 1 of the Indigenous 150+ podcast series. They share a special thank you to you, our listeners, and to all those who helped along the way. We will be taking a short break and look forward to bringing you more stories soon. Please subscribe to our podcast to be notified about our next batch of stories. Come and connect with us on social media to learn about other Indigenous 150+ events.
Nov 15, 2020

Always Keep Dreaming: Carving an Artist’s Career
Algonquin multimedia artist, photographer and filmmaker Lindsay Sarazin speaks about pursuing his childhood dream, the power of media, storytelling as a way of healing, and the importance of Indigenous stories on the world stage. Host/Producer: Naomi Robinson
Nov 10, 2020

Life Inspiring Art, Sources of Creation: Filmmaker spotlight on Shane Belcourt
Filmmaker Shane Belcourt takes us through the evolution of his career as a creative, and speaks about the power of collaboration, mentorship, and how growing up in an artistic and political household has shaped him. Host/Producer: Kayla Stephens
Nov 6, 2020

Love Powered Activism: A Digital Talking Circle with Heperi Mita
Heperi Mita shares his journey from being an archivist to making his debut film “Merata: How Mum Decolonised The Screen”, an intimate portrait and tribute to his trailblazing mother, activist and Ma-ori filmmaker Merata Mita. Host/Producer: Devon Blind
Nov 3, 2020

Feeding Your Spirit: Nurturing the Artist Within
Wabanaki artist and filmmaker Gop Bartibogue discusses his creative process, knowledge sharing, and the important role of failure and making room for joy as his secrets to success. Host/Producer: Julianna Peter-Paul
Oct 30, 2020

Walking the Red Road: Journey to a Better Me
Aimee Dixon and Tyler Cutknife share the contributing factors behind drinking including family history and peers and choosing sobriety as part of living their best lives for both themselves and their families. Host/Producer: Straight Up Feather
Oct 27, 2020

Sharing Youth Wisdom: Building Communities, Building Futures
Lee Allen Genaille, elected Junior Councillor (Junior Onushchekewuk), of Opaskwayak Cree Nation shares his experiences growing up, working together with local youth and his vision for creating positive change in his community. Host/Producer: Nicole Tornquist
Oct 23, 2020

Hope, Culture, & Strength: Creating Hopeful Futures
Chelsea Mulvale, National Ambassador of Hope Lead at WeMatter speaks about the roles of youth wisdom, community, culture and positive messages in the media to enhance life promotion, and reduce suicide in Indigenous communities. Host/Producer: Roha Hena
Oct 20, 2020

We Are Not Extinct: Hunting, Patience and Perseverance
Rick and Linda Desautel, Sinixt decedents share their 11 year story of how they fought their way to the Supreme Court of Canada to have the rights of the #Sinixt Nation recognized and the wrongful declaration of their extinction reversed. Host/Producer: Kayla Tillapaugh
Oct 16, 2020

Nibi Biimaadiiziiwin (Water Is Life): Caring for Creation
Ojibwe-Mohawk Elder and grandmother Shirley John, from Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation, speaks from the heart about caring for creation, the importance of prayer and spreading seeds of love for all peoples. Host/Producer: Dave Beverly-Foster
Oct 13, 2020

Building Pride Together: Engaging Youth In Métis Culture
Educator, Michelle Schroeder speaks about her Métis heritage and the work she is doing in Abbotsford, British Columbia to help connect and engage secondary school students in Métis culture. Host/Producer: Anna Ratzlaff
Oct 9, 2020

Protecting Family, Home & Land: Preserving Inuit Values
Environmental advocate and Junior Advisor with the Nunavut Impact Review board, Mia Otokiak shares her memories growing up, the bridging of science and traditional knowledge, mentoring youth and preserving Inuit values. Host/Producer: Kayla Stephens
Oct 6, 2020

Healthy People, Beautiful Life: Uniting to Preserve – Part 2
Q’eqchi’ researcher and interpreter Pedro Makin discusses the orgins of the Maya Healers’ Association, the importance of challlenging perceptions and what he wants the world to know about his Q’eqchi’ Maya culture. Host/Producer: Michelle Gowan
Oct 2, 2020

Healthy People, Beautiful Life: Fighting for the Right to Cure – Part 1
Dr. James B. Waldram, medical anthropologist with the University of Saskatchewan discusses his work with the Maya Healers’ Association of Belize and working with them through film to advocate for and challenge misperceptions about traditional Q’eqchi’ knowledge. Host/Producer: Michelle Gowan
Sept 29, 2020
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