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Indigenous 150+ Top Ten Playlist

Embark on a journey through the Indigenous 150+ Top 10 List, featuring standout episodes from the last 3 seasons. Discover captivating stories that weave together tradition, culture, and modern narratives, celebrating the diverse voices of Indigenous storytelling.

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#1 Connie Walker: Sharing Stories from the Indigenous side of History

MMIWGT2S activist Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau sits down for an in-depth conversation with award-winning journalist and podcaster Connie Walker (Finding Cleo, Stolen) to discuss her growth and career as a storyteller, examine how her podcasts like Finding Cleo and Stolen have allowed for a form of storytelling that has the ability to help tackle racism, as well as advice to young storytellers.

Sept 27, 2022

#2 Gigashki’ewizimin (We can do things because of our power)
Welcome to the Gigashki’ewizimin podcast pilot which in Ojibwe means “We can do things because of our power”. Gigashki’ewizimin celebrates Anishinaabek identity – specifically language, land and law.

Episode 2 – “Identity and the Gifts of Ojibwemowin”

In this episode of the Gigashki’ewizimin (“We do things because of our power”), host Tamika-Jo Andy speaks with Nyleta Belgarde, a Turtle Mountain member and language-keeper talk about their language journeys, the gifts and relationship of language to Anishinaabe Identity, and important tips on how to revitalize Ojibwemowin.

June 10, 2022

#3 We can’t just hope that the right leaders come along: Youth Engagement & Leadership Development
What role does youth engagement play in leadership development? What role does it play in building relationships and meaningful careers?
Host Sam Bird speaks with veteran youth engagement expert Jocelyn Formsma, CEO of the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) about how her extensive experience on youth councils put her on a path to leading a national organization.
In addition to leading the NAFC, Jocelyn is a Board Member of the Indigenous Bar Association, Advisor to the Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Project and on the Board of Trustees for the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.
July 18, 2023

#4 Terry Uyarak: A Million Beautiful Songs

Terry Uyarak, a Juno nominated Inuk artist from Iglulik, Nunavut discusses his journey of keeping Inuit traditions alive, and how joining the circus has led to a career in music. Hosted and produced by Zorga Qaunaq.

Oct 4, 2022

#5 Auntie Up!: Defining a True Indigenous Lens and Why it Matters
Host Nika Paziuk turns the mic on Jolene Banning and Kim Wheeler, co-hosts and producers who share their orgin story of Auntie Up!. They discuss the importance of a true Indigenous lens, and their committment to creating new narratives by showcasing women knowledge keepers across Turtle Island. Jolene and Kim show us how to Auntie Up! and how Aunties are the grassroots of our communities.
Aug 2, 2022

#6 Nakuset & The Montréal Native Women’s Shelter: Restoring lives with Care

MMIWG2ST+ activist Janis Qavavauq-Bibeau and Nakuset, from Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal discuss the harms of youth protection, homelessness and other harsh realities facing Indigenous peoples. The conversation turns to the dreams and simple solutions that are being actualized, what government should prioritize, and an invitation to work together for what is possible.

Aug 9, 2022

#7 Gigashki’ewizimin (We can do things because of our power)
Welcome to the Gigashki’ewizimin podcast pilot which in Ojibwe means “We can do things because of our power”. Gigashki’ewizimin celebrates Anishinaabek identity – specifically language, land and law.

Episode 1 – “Keeping Stories Safe”

In this first episode, Knowledge-Keeper Elaine Fleming, of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe member shares the Anishinaabe creation story and why it is important to Indigenous identity. Colonization disrupted the lives and the sharing of stories in many nations. Host and podcast creator Tamika-Jo Andy learns from Elaine how their stories were traditionally passed down and what is being done to keep them safe.

June 10, 2022

#8 Hanna Sewell: Health Care Meets Self Care

Have you ever thought of working in health care? Indigenous 150+ podcaster Hanna Sewell, a nurse and member of Batchewana First Nation speaks to the rewards and challenges of nursing and the stresses of the past few years. This interview is a healthy reminder about the importance of self-care and to have empathy for those working in healthcare. Host: Samantha Loney

Jan 17, 2023

#9 Power of a Fiddle: Healing through Music

Métis fiddler Brianna Lizotte and podcast host and childhood friend Nika Paziuk reminience about growing up, discovering their culture and being proud Métis. They discuss the power of the fiddle, and how it connects and binds the Métis community.

Sept 20, 2022

#10 A Matriarch in Medicine: The Journey of Healthcare Specialist Elaine Johnston

Elaine Johnston, Former Chief and Councillor of Serpent River and leader in delivering frontline health care shares her days as a student and how her journey evolved from a helicopter paramedic into helping create the first Indigenous Health Access Centre in Ontario. She also shares her journey as a healer to bridge traditional knowledge with modern medicine to improve the health and wellness of Indigenous peoples. This compelling episode is hosted by Hanna Sewell, a registered nurse who is interested in sharing the voices, challenges and successes of frontline workers.

Nov 29, 2022

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